Experiences of Life Story Work in Action

Here we will post some of the things that people tell us of their experience of using Life Story Work.  Please let us have your comments and experiences.


From an occupational therapist working on a ward:

A couple of months ago, in collaboration with his wife I produced a life story box for a man on the ward.

In addition to numerous items of value, a bible, medals and the last picture he drew, his wife generously shared with me stories which I then laminated to the back of photographs.

The man never responded to the images but when stories were read to him he showed recognition and made comments.

Many of the stories were humorous, for example how the couple first got together:

The two of them met at a church youth club, she could not stand him.
He was a tormenting bugger“. She told her cousin, “if he’s there next week, I’m not coming any more“.
The following week there he was, but all dressed up in shirt and tie. “What’s up with you?” she asked “has the cat died?“. “No” he replied in a tearful manner “My granddad has died will you come to the pictures with me“.

The memory box went with this man to the residential home he moved to but sadly he died four weeks later. I later found out that the Life Story box was used as part of the funeral ceremony.


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